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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Laura B. Hayden spent her childhood in Brooklyn, NY, and Staying Alive: A Love Story - Kindle edition by Laura B. Hayden. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.
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Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. A Love Story, Laura Hayden recalls the sequence of events that forever changed her life and the lives of her two children. Her husband was recovering from heart surgery. One moment he was doing well. Then, he was suddenly gone at way too young an age. As the memoir unfolds, we learn that Laura Hayden is a person of deep faith, strong family ties, and stamina. Fortunate for her, as she will need and use the depth of these gifts in the years following her husband's death. In her recollections, we learn about her ethnic roots and we get to know her humorous and insightful husband.

Through her words, I felt the loss of the relationship, the loss to her children, just the loss of him as a person.

I wish I had known him. When she reflects on the "why" questions and watches for "signs" that Larry is okay and maybe even still with them, perhaps in a different way, we absolutely understand, and recall moments in our own lives when we were there, too. The ragged writing style in the initial chapters, whether intended as a literary device or not, draws us in.

Staying Alive

Once beyond the traumatic memories of his death, I noticed shifts in the author's writing style, perhaps reflecting her changes in mood as she pieced the memoir together. Sometimes simple sentence construction and lean description, sometimes gritty dialogue and irreverence, sometimes crisp witty passages, sometimes eloquent reflections on the situation or the past her style adapts, just like she has done.

Over the course of the memoir journey, the author introduces us to the people in this family's circle of life. The memoir vignettes, some funny, some sad, some thought provoking, take place in different time periods. As a reader in the same age group, I found they took me back in time in my own life, tapping memories I hadn't thought about in a while. There are many laugh out loud moments and the clarity of the detail in the descriptions is at times astounding.

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